Why We Focus on our Soil

It starts with the soil... At Gateway Pastures, we practice regenerative agriculture. Rather than diminishing our soils with conventional practices or maintaining the status quo, we seek to increase and feed the biological diversity in our soil.

Biologically active soil is key to producing forges that are higher in vitamins and minerals than conventionally raised forages. Our healthy and balanced soil is rich in mineral content and less susceptible to the challenges nature throws it’s way. This allows our pastures to flourish.

Then they graze... All of our livestock is truly pasture-raised on these nutrient-dense forages. We practice rotational grazing allowing our animals to live out in the open with access to our forages when they are at their peak quality. We do NOT keep any livestock in confined feedlots. Our animals assist in the care of the soil by spreading their own natural fertilizer which feeds our hungry soil biology and contributes to the growth of our lush pastures.

Our practices result in the high quality of the forages being passed along to the animal to create our superior, nutrient-dense meats.

Then you eat... When you consume our products, this nutritional value is passed onto you as well. All products raised at Gateway Pastures are organic, grassfed and raised regeneratively. We do not use GMO’s, synthetic chemicals, or hormones.

It's simple: we produce a clean, nutritionally dense product that is beneficial to your health.

The Soil

And Our Environment

The Biology

Soil that is biologically active will store more water and carbon, having a positive impact on air and water quality and our enviroment as a whole. Regenerative agricultural increases the soil biology leading to a systemic improvement of human health. Healthy soils grow healthy plants. Healthy plants feed healthy animals. All of which lead to an improvement in human health.



Making a Difference

Our farming practices aim to care for the environment in a way that will counter the effects of climate change. We consider soil quality, soil health, and the relationship between the land and crops. Our practices increase the capacity of the soil to capture carbon, contributing to the reversal of global warming. For us, being a good steward of our land and livestock is the only way to succeed as farmers.



and no chemical treatments

Genetically engineered ingredients are common in animal feed, but our animals live on perennial pastures. These pastures are on organic farms that haven't seen chemical imputs in many years. There are no GMO's used, ever!


No Feedlots

the animals live peaceful, happy lives

Our rotational grazing methods allow animals to get the energy required to finish growth without the need for additional feeds given in a confined lot. They live their entire lives in our pastures. Rotational grazing provides livestock access to the forages when they are at peak quality and nutrient density. The birds are also moved regularly for the same purpose.


No Hormones

never, ever, ever!!

Our promise to you is that we will never give our animals added hormones.


No Antibiotics

for the stimulation of growth

We will administer antibiotics only if one of our animals becomes ill to ensure they can recover quickly. If this happens, these animals will be kept from harvesting until after the medication is completely out of their system.