Meet Our Farmers

Clifford Johnson

Hello, as one of the owners of Gateway Pastures I would like to welcome you and thank you for you interest in our products. We offer grassfed beef that is grown on our organic farmland and on our pastures. Our cattle are moved daily to new forage and have fresh water throughout the growing season.

About Clifford:

I am the 4th generation on our farm. I farm with my wife, daughter, dad, mom, and brother. As a kid, farming is all I ever wanted to do. I spent many hours working my way into the operation. At 16 I had the opportunity to buy my first farm from two older bachelors and with some help from my parents I got started. Then it was up to me to keep it going. Because of the discipline I was taught I was able to move forward.

In 1996, my dad and I decided to go organic with our whole farm because we didn’t like the use of chemicals and pesticides. So our journey started in soil health and boy there is so much to learn and understand. We always knew it was all about the soil but we didn’t realize it’s all about the soil. We have had to learn how to adapt and follow the soil health principles which are:

Our goal is to build the soil to diversify plants for mineral take up in plants for animals to forage on those plants and provide products for our consumers to feed their families a healthy nutrient dense product grown directly from our farm to your table.

Thank you for your time! We would like to serve you in any way we can.

Doug Voss

Doug is the third generation on his family farm where he and his wife Beth are raising their family of five boys. Their farm, located near Paynesville, MN, was historically operated as a dairy when his grandparents started farming during the depression. In 1999 the farm was certified for organic production with the desire to reduce the impact on the environment and to produce a better product. Several challenges in the farm’s past have allowed Doug to learn in a way that can only happen by experiencing.

Influenced by many great people passionate about soil health, Doug converted all acres to a perennial system and implemented adaptive grazing practices. Currently the farm includes a grass-fed beef herd, a small dairy, heritage sheep, broiler chickens, and a custom grazing enterprise.

Doug is convinced of the positive impact improved soil health can provide as he sees the farm changing for the better. The peace of mind it has provided is remarkable. He is encouraged by constructive conversations with people who want to learn about how extensive the positive impacts of management in the regenerative mindset can be on one's farm. Doug has had the opportunity to work with various other organizations that focus on soil health, land operators, livestock producers, agriculture and the community. Doug believes the issue of soil health can cross all tribal boundaries in real practice and affects everyone who eats and breathes. People can do better overall, and Doug looks forward to opportunities to contribute towards a more nourishing future.